Saturday, December 3, 2011

Road Trippin'

Cruisin' boozin'
Back-seat snoozin'
Rollin hash
Match flash
Stuff rocks
High speed
Smoke weed
Hip hop
Dodge cop
Road's clear
Pass the beer
Back-seat action
Another scoe
Roll some more

Drugs, sex, alcohol
Yeah baby we do 'em all
When we're road trippin!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


“Hold me tight in your arms tonight”

Under the moonbeams’ silver light
Soaking up your lust, I must
Lay my kiss upon our skin
I don’t wanna let myself begin
Another night of passion, but I
Would rather die than deny
Your fire, your desire.

You captured my heart with ridiculous ease
But you’re hard to get and harder to please
So I’ll just do what you want me to.
I guess that’s all I’m worth to you.

But after tonight, we say our goodbyes
Coz your body’s hot but your heart is ice
I want a woman who’ll love me true
Which is more than I can expect from you.

Deck-Hand Takes The Plunge

The water’s daughters
Sun themselves on the rocks
Each a forbidden maiden
Who sailors watch from the docks

Ancient maritime legends warn:
“Covet not pearls that adorn
The pretty sea-maidens’ hair,
Nor trust the maids to guide you
Across their watery lair,
Or misfortune sails beside you”

A vessel, once well rigged and trusty
Now struggled rickety and rusty
Tossed by a storm like a bathtub toy.
Suddenly, a teenaged boy,
- A deck-hand new at sailing - 
Was tossed over the railing.

“Man overboard!” the crewmen cried.
Alas, before they even tried
To save the boy, he disappeared.
“The storm will take us all” they feared,
But no more than a moment prayed.

The First Mate to the Lookout bayed:
“Find us port! Or else methinks
This our bonnie vessel sinks!”

“Tonight on solid ground we feast!
Island, about a mile north-east”

And so, north-east the sailors bore
And all but one made it to shore.

For the deck-hand who the waves had swallowed
Still in salty waters wallowed.
Half-way dead, and half alive,
Too weary now to even strive
To take his beloved sea-maid’s hand
And let her lead him back to land.

(Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner, anyone?)

Skyline Beckoning

The sky is falling
One raindrop at a time
The crystal stars
Are laughing at the scars
Of the moon. Sublime
Light is calling.

Answer the whispered screams
That promise the perfection
Of everything you need
And let them lead
You into the direction
Of your waking dreams

From ‘cross the valley of reckoning
You hear angels call your name
Take the final ride
To the other side
Of life’s checkered board game
As you feel the skyline beckoning

Bulletproof Glass

If you really loved me,
I’d see it in your eyes,
But if your heart aint in it
I can do without the lies.
If you just don’t feel it
You don’t have to pretend.
I won’t be scarred for life
And my world won’t end.

Coz I’m like bulletproof glass-
I’m transparent. I don’t shatter.
Once I buff the scratches out
What you did won’t matter

Get me crystal clear:
Baby, it’s okay!
If I don’t have your heart
You don’t have to stay.
The door’s wide open-
Leave any time you wanna.
If you think I’ll stop you-
Baby, I aint gonna.

Coz I’m like bulletproof glass-
I’m transparent. I don’t shatter.
Once I buff the scratches out
What you did won’t matter

Monday, March 14, 2011


I find it so easy to leave it all behind,
Move forward, never want to rewind.
I don't miss people or things or places
Nor crave the sight of familiar faces.
I am a lone ranger.
No stranger to strangers.

Friday, January 30, 2009

(un) happy

I'm not unhappy, but not happy either
I'm somewhere in between
If this is bliss, I don't like it
It's too stiflingly static

I'm a social butterfly, a butterfly,
a pretty thing who's loved for that very sin
But I flit here, there, everywhere
And nowhere do I fit in

I have friends, friends and friends
And yet, no friends
Just people who are a means to an end

I see people objectively
Emotionally unattached and distant
It's a strange state of being
Unemotional, yet not unfeeling
Like a doctor cares for a patient
Clinically, but not empathetically

It's a conspicuous emptiness
Unsympathetic yet not hostile

I wish there was genuine hapiness
Behind my ungenuine smile.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Tree of Dreams

Once upon a wonderous planet
The race of Innocents did live.
The Gods were happy with the folk
And gave them all they had to give.

For every happy wish one made,
A flower blosomed somewhere.
Thus was the earth brilliantly hued-
No tree was ever plain or bare.

For every happy dream one dreamed
A new star appeared that night.
Thus constellations did abound
And bathe the earth in silver light.

The old moon sitting high up there
Among the twinkling dots,
Smiled down upon the Innocents
And blessed their happy lots.

When happy wishes were fulfiled
They engendered happy dreams-
The flowers turned into the stars
That shone like sunny streams.

As long as the Innocents existed,
This remained the planet's state.
But the trees all withered and the stars soon died
For the Innocents succumbed to Hate.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Mona Lisa

In Musee de Louvre hangs
Da Vinci's greatest work
The Mona Lisa and
Her enigmatic smirk.

Five centuries she's spent
On whitewashed walls
In Royal chambers
And Museum halls.

But imagine, if, though she had once
Been real, she was now replaced
By so much "restoration" paint
That the original work was all effaced?